Packages 旅遊套票

2天1夜 顶级海滨度假村 – RM 480

黄金海岸棕榈树型度假村 + 全日酒店内活动


【晚间现场乐团表演】放松心情,与伴侣一起观赏表演,举杯共饮(限定品牌啤酒及饮料无限畅饮)额外加 RM100++
【早餐】额外加 RM50++
【包车服务】额外加 RM 250.00 1天

2D1N Sepang Gold Coast – RM 480

Gold Coast Palm Tree Resort + Hotel whole day activities

All activities will be led by the Commissioner, all kinds of activities throughout the day at the same time.
【Fitness】 Gymnasium, Yoga, Beach Footing, Stretching,
【Beach volleyball / Soccer】
【Infinity swimming pool】
【Children’s playpool】
【Water Sports】 Sailing, Cart Sailing, Speed Sailing, Canoe, Stand Up Paddle,
【Landsports】 Biking, Frisbee,
【SEA and Beach Activities】 All kinds of sailing where you can have a happy holiday, and enjoy sailing and have fun on the Straits of Malacca.
【Extreme Park】 All Terrain Vehicles (ATV), Archery, Go Karting, Paintball

【Night live band performances】 relax, and watch show together with a partner, raise a toast (Limited brands of beer and drinks you can drink) extra RM100 + +
【Breakfast】 extra RM50 + +
【Chartered services】 extra RM 250.00 1 days

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